“The Impressions of Liú SānJiě”, 印象刘三姐,Yìnxiàng Liú SānJiě

Fishermen by day, performers by night,
local fishermen on their rafts provide a visual feast for your eyes

Lí River provides the set, local fishermen and performances by 中国人,
China’s minority ethnic groups provide the culture and ethnicity

阳朔 的 karst peaks provide the stunning and spectacular backdrop

美的女生唱歌,měi de nǔshēng chànggē, beautiful girls sing
their hearts out

我非常开心。为什们?Wǒ fēicháng kāixīn. Wèi shénme?   Very very happy.  Why you may ask?

因为我去过 “印象刘三姐”。真的厉害。真的吗?Yīnwèi wǒ qù guò “Yìnxiàng Liú SānJiě”.  Zhēn de lìhài.  Zhēn de ma? Reason being I have been to see the “The Impressions of Liú SānJiě”.   Really powerful.  Really?

真的。Zhēn de.  Really.

Spectular, dazzling, awe inspiring show, which uses the natural landscape of 阳朔,Yángshuò, karst peaks, the Lí River,

and combines each show with the natural elements.

The story tells of the legend of the beautiful 刘三姐,Liú SānJiě.

One is left bedazzled.  Magical.

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