Cycle trip to 遇龙桥 leads to more 水牛

真的很漂亮,zhēn de hěn piàoliang, really pretty

Cycle trip to 遇龙桥,Yù Lóng Qiáo, (“Encounter Dragon Bridge”),

leads to the encounter of more of the marvelous 水牛, shuǐ niú, water buffalo!!!

Every time I see one, feels like Christmas, excited ‘n delighted is the understatement….

it’s my childhood fantasy of 中国,Zhōngguó, China before my very eyes.

桥和水牛,qiáo hé shuǐ niú, Bridge and Buffalo

有一个小水牛,yǒu yī gè xiǎo shuǐ niú, there was a small water buffalo

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