All that glitters is not gold…. or is it?

紫色,绿色 和 蓝色。。。真金,zǐ sè, lù  sè hé lán sè 。。。zhēn jīn!

真的吗?zhēn  de ma?

Real gold! Pure gold!!!  Really???

The Sun and Moon Pagoda on Banyan Lake, 衫湖

在广西,桂林, zài Guǎngxī, Guìlín,

exact location 衫湖,Shān Hú, Banyan Lake,

stands two pagodas, namely, 月塔 和 日塔, Yuètǎ hé Rìtǎ,

Anglais… the aptly named Moon and Sun Pagoda.

非常漂亮,fēicháng piàoliang, beautiful! shummering, glistening …. all silver ‘n gold like!

日塔,the Sun Pagoda, is the world’s tallest Bronze building,

not Gold,

not complaining.

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