Golden oldies in Yángshuò Park, Guǎngxī Province, 广西,阳朔公园

Head to the local park in 阳朔,Yángshuò during any day of the week and,

you will find yourself,

in the presence of the golden oldies, 国老人,zhōngguóláorén.

Each with their 自行车,zìxíngchē,

playing 中国的, Chinese chess,

perhaps having a little ‘oul 聊天,liáotiān,  friendly chat,

seemingly flawlessly to be in a classical sense “Lost in Time”  

Park up your bike up for a spot of 聊天,liáotiān

两个老男人,liǎng gè lǎo nán rén, playing chess

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