Red lights…. ‘n apples… lots of apples…. red apples….

Ahhh good ‘oul memory lane….

or should I in actual fact say street!???


Henry Street to be precise.

Henry Street, Baile Átha Cliath, 爱尔兰,Àiěrlán,

‘n that’s inside “The Pale”!

I love markets me, something about the Sights, the Sounds, the Smells…..

All that good stuff and more!!!

Being in Hong Kong most definitely heightens the Market Senses!

‘n instead of hearing, in a lovely jublie Northsider accent,

“Get yer apples, come ‘n get yer apples!”,

in your ear is an “accent” or “language” of a slightly different variety,

Guǎngdōnghuà 或者,huòzhě, dialect of some sort.

You want fresh, good quality produce,




some belly pork or a horse’s tail… perhaps!!!???

This is where it’s at.

Butchers… get your ròu 和 horse tail?

Market deals are a, taking place.

Love it.

小白菜,xiǎo bái cài ‘n other green veggies

Fancy fish on ice?

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1 Response to GET YER APPLES!!!!!

  1. statz101 says:

    So whats horse tail like ?

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