Fancy a Fry???

So usual wanderings ‘n meanderings leaves one feeling ever so slightly peckish,

你饿吗?Nǐ è ma? Ehhh yeahhhhh, I could eat the wooden leg off that table…..

only it’s not wooden…..

菜单,cāidān!!!!!!! (duì bù qǐ wǒ bú huì shuō Guǎngdōng huà)

So for fact of I can’t for the life of me sprechen sie Deutsch… I mean 广东话,Guǎngdōng huà, i.e. the language of my Father,

communicating in XiāngGǎng is always a treat…..

at my “wàiguórén’s” expense,

anyhoos life’s an experience and this is such.

服务员,fúwùyuán, I haven’t a bogger’s notion what’s on this 菜单,cāidān, right now the only characters I recognise are “公司”, “GōngSī” (GōngSī translates to “Company” or “Corporation” depending where you’re coming from…..)

so yeah Company/Corporation noodles… sounds like a hearty meal to put the hunger demon to rest.

Sound.  Sorted.

“Wǒ yào yì wǎn “GōngSī” miàntiáo”

Fúwùyuán promptly brings me a cup oops mean glass of 茶,chá, now thing is from observation of other cānguǎn goers this chá is not for drinking!  Oh no!!!  Tut tut.  This chá is to allow your chopsticks ‘n spoon to have a xiǎo, wee bath…

“obligatory” cleansing of utensils in 茶,chá

Dum de dum dum…

Company Noodles come on!!! I’m starvin Marvin and chopsticks ‘n spoon are bathed ‘n waiting in anticipation to be used ‘n abused…

My prayer is answered or ehhhh perhaps not…..

公司,GōngSī noodles, literal translation Company noodles

Eh not to sound like a spoiled child dànshì what is THIS!!!???

Now me loves a good oulfashioned Fry,

in saying that a Fry in my noodles…. with soup ehhhh ummmmm tad questionable….

Hunger ‘n curiousity and wèishénme, why is this called Company Noodles, gets the better of me.

Chopsticks ‘n spoon get stuck in!!!

Culinary conclusion… brutal just brutal.

Didn’t get a dodgy tummy though…… so that’s always a plus.

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