Hungry Ghost Month for the year of the 龙, Dragon commenced,2012 年 8 月17 日, and

昨天,2012 年 9 月 15 日,the “Gates of Hell” closed.

Phew!!!!!  Twinglings of somewhat uneasy feelings with the “Gates of Hell” being opened…

The seventh lunar month in the traditional Chinese calendar is called “Hungry Ghost Month”, 

during this month the “Gates of Hell” are swung open, thereby allowing all ghosts and spirits entry to our realm, the “living” realm…

These ghosts and spirits spend the month visiting their families, feasting on the food and alcohol or chá…. if so inclined, offered by their loved ones.

Those ghosts and spirits that do not have living relatives pay welcome, or,

unwelcome visits, as the case may be, to various living beings.. they too are hungry!

It must be known that Hungry Ghost Month is said to be the most dangerous time of the year, as malevolent spirits are…

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