Lost Garden 宾馆, 翠湖,昆明,云南

The fragrance of the flowers greets you

As you start towards the Lost Garden 宾馆,bīnguǎn, guesthouse, you are fragrantly welcomed by the sweet scents of 花, huā, 很香,hěn xiāng.  A world away from the busy bees and bustling burping beeping streets.

Zoe is there to warmly welcome you, whether that be in 中文, Zhōngwén or English.  这里,zhè lǐ, here, Zoe, 老板,lǎobǎn, the boss, and friends will 帮帮,bāng bāng you!


帮,bāng = help

所以,suǒyǐ, therefore translation;-

“Zoe, 老板,lǎobǎn, the boss, and friends will 帮帮,bāng bāng you!”

Does not mean these guys will “bang” you!

Nooo it’s not a knocking shop or anything of that seeded sort, head elsewhere if that floats your boat.

Usually secluded so is a great spot for some blogging!

Sounds airy fairy 但是 you can smell the flowers and hear the kiddies at the school next door

On entering your personal living space, you’ll be greeted by flooded sun light and 很可爱,hěn kě ài slippers.  Environment and style is boutique with a slight hippy vibe.  Secret garden style, 阳台,yángtái, roof terrace, complete with 花, deckchairs ‘n the like.  Seems somewhat surreal sitting there and in the not too far distance is a red lit sign of THE Bank of Zhōngguó lands.  Ultimate coolees.

If you fancy having a chill the beans evening, I would most definitely recommend their pizza, they use the real deal pizza stone for the pizza process, no farting around here.  Beers to accompany, tad on the 太贵了,tài guì le, not the usual cheap as chips dànshì pizza and 啤酒,píjiǔ makes for a treat.  Nice to do the “foreigner” thing and feel the bready carbs in your belly.

Perfect setting, one can dine alfresco, pizzas here are hěn hǎo chī. They also have a good wine and píjiǔ selection.

The other big draw is Lost Garden,宾馆,is situated in the supreme locality of 翠湖公园,CuìHú Gōng Yuán, Green Lake Park, which is a topic of its own.  Let’s just say it’s creme of the crops!


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