Chickens 鸡

Beep beep…

OH STF up!

Beep beep….

Yeah I heard you the last time.

Beep beep…

oh for bleedin sake!

low ‘n behold an electric bike bundles his way through the crowd of lower class pedestrians

this ain’t any 普通,pǔtōng electric bike though

to everyone elses eyes this is an everyday 普通 sight, to little oul me this is a OMG get your camera out pronto moment.  但是 only thing to hand is my 手机,shǒu jī (literal translation: hand machine).

Precious pics:

Are their sweet little souls on their merry way to a new home, market… elsewhere???

想起来, xiǎng qǐ lái, “reminds me of the time” xiǎo de shí hou “when I was small”,

me and the family were on our way back to the city.  While outside the pale, we stopped at a farmhouse.  Dad announces, “Kim Ling you come with me we’re going to get ourselves a chicken”.

Now, you can only imagine the excitement, my Dad has picked me out of the bundle of childers to help him choose a chicken. Me!!! Yes me!!!  Not only that, in my child’s mind, I provocatively think he’s saying “Kim Ling you pick the chicken that will be the family pet to love and cherish always, until the day he dies – of natural causes”.

Well, won’t go into the full detail, it’s too graphic and draws up painful memories.  Lets just say Pet Chicken had a happy journey in the booth of our car.  Pet Chicken also had a happy time running around our back garden. Which then turned into a fleeting period of time running around our back garden without a head….. yes, it’s true what they say.

This is the sad story of Pet Chicken who ended up being stir fried. Rest in peace Pet Chicken I will always remember you fondly, you stood out from the flock and that’s why you were the chosen one, which led to your….

Not too sure what future lay ahead for the biker chickens.

Perhaps these little pictured chickens spotted on a separate occasion down a random alley are indeed the real deal pet chickens….. perhaps!!!???

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