Dumplings and Soup, 饺子和汤

So went for dinner.

Asked for jiǎozi’s love the 饺子’s “dumplings”,

hǎo chī is an understatement.

In my eyes not looking very tasty to the eye, will give it a try though… when in Rome

Decided to wash them down with some 汤 tāng, soup.  This was a 餐馆 “off the street job”, so THE one and only  “Soup of the Day” was 紫菜汤 zǐcài tāng.

What is 紫菜汤 you may ask.

I for one didn’t have a complete bogger’s notion what it was and came to the decision to risk it for a biscuit.

It arrives, doesn’t look too appealing and tastes like I’m drinking the sea… figure must be good for health…

‘n am kindof aware that the lǎobǎn (the “Boss”) is looking at me.  Don’t want any  “loss of face” situation, 一二三 down the hatch… well almost,

as I’m emptying the contents into my 口, I curiously look at the remaining morsels.  That’s when I see all these little eyes gazing up at me.  Talk about scaring the beejeebus out of me.

All up for trying new foods dànshì these things looked like they could talk to me…

Asked the Boss, eh hello, zhè shì shénme? translation: these little friends in my soup are exactly who???

Whatever the hell they were, I couldn’t down anymore of the poor little mites, may their souls rest in peace and not in my belly.

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