Camellia Youth Hostel, Kūnmíng

Lots of signs reflecting it’s commitment to being eco friendly and sustainable

Fresh flowers are scattered throughout the Camelia

If on Zhōngguó lands travels ‘n fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle, Camelia Hostel, Kūnmíng is a sure bet.

Especially if you want to rest those weary bones and soak in some suds.  Nothing like a bit of girly pampering, face packs ‘n the like.

Shower hose beside (over) a toilet is a common feature, so a bath tub is like hitting the jack pot.  Oh HAPPY DAYS is a complete understatement.

I must mention if you are not as privileged as myself and HAVE TO share, these benefits may be hindered slightly.  Reason being,

a door does not separate the bathroom from the bedroom, a shower curtain does!  So you know yourself, if you want a bit of privacy for you know whats, well this just ain’t gonna happen.  Am sure there are ways to work around this… Maybe you could allocate times to one another or just say “listen it’s No. 2 time maybe you should make yourself scarce”.

Toilet talk aside.

Camelia is just off of busily beeping DōngFēngDōng Lù.  I guarantee you it’s an oasis of calm and tranquility, complete with fruit trees, sleepy cats and chillaxed vibes all the way.

Good news on the píjiǔ front, cheap as chips (some hostels up the prices way above the “local price”… all’s fair in love and war I say.  Anyhoos if you need a change of pace from rice and noodles, they do a really good cheese ‘n tomato omelette, don’t worry other cài on the cài dān, Zhōngcān + Xīcān.  Yě piányi “cheap as chips”.  If you want to save the dimes there’s also an area you can self cook.  Seriously catered for backpackers with an upmarket treat yourself flow.

Oh wifi, well the story with wifi is that it somewhat does not seem to exist… it’s lacking… extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemly slow….. so slow it’s actually painful.   In saying this, gives you a chance to have a retreat from the techno world and have some nice chats “liáo tiān”.

Flower power

It seems to magnetize open-minded travellers both Zhōngguórén AND Wàiguórén, which are keen to share their travel, life and bla bla experiences.  So nice to get personal insights into another’s country’s culture, individual perspective and all that good stuff, whether that be the Basque Country, Amsterdam or elsewhere.

Oh and almost forgot to mention the courtyard area has a FREE pool table and pingpong table, so if takes your fancy,

otherwise just chill with a beer and soak up the good vibes.

Fancy game?

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