Michael Jackson lives on in Zhōngguó lands

Michael Jackson

If anyone’s ever been to eternal Spring City “Kūnmíng” I hope they got to see Michael Jackson Chinese style.

He’s got the look down to a T with a unique Chinese twist and flair.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think anyone can EVER outdo the real deal.

In fairness though, Chinese Michael Jackson Guy is a class act and crowd pleaser.  Fēicháng yǒu qù watching him moonwalk, spin, flick hat down….grab crotch… all while singing the classic “Dirty Diana”.  It’s an experience to behold.

Oh and lots of Zhōngguórén I’ve met have told me that it’s thanks to Michael Jackson that they picked up their English lingo.  Lǐ hài!  非常感谢 Michael!

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