Miàntiáo “面条” NOODLES

Miàn tiáo “面条“

First wearily walked into a 餐厅 “cāntīng”, handed the menu ‘n you know when you get that gut feeling might potentially be putting my belly functions at risk. So quite politely, whispered to the fúyùyuán that I was a “foreigner”. Bù hǎo yí sì wǒ shì wàiguórén. Held up the menu and did my best scrunched up confused face “wǒ bù zhī dào”. Duì bù qǐ. Thank phews she was all like “méi shìr” (which I take as “ah no problemo”). Cue… exit while repeating ah xiè xiè nǐ. Didn’t look back!
Few doors from the 餐厅 “cāntīng” there was a 餐馆 “cānguǎn”, which is kinda like eating off the side of the street on a stool. My experience has been avoid the 餐厅 and head straight for the 餐馆, which has a constant stream of hungry looking locals… sounds of more hearty slurps the better.
This 餐馆 in particular gets big giant thumbs up from me. Ask for 面条 “miàntiáo” and I jest you not! the chef makes the dough fresh before your eyes, kneading, bashing, pulling, all that good stuff. All set to go, like a vision of food beauty, grates it into long thin strings into the broth. THE tastiest noodles I’ve ever had. Nothing like going all 鲜 style.
Xiǎo bǎi cài (bok choi), Zhōngguó mógu (mushrooms), topped with 猪肉 “zhūròu” (pork) and outta nowhere you come across 小(鸭蛋)yā dàn (duck eggs). Makes you feel like you’ve found a Kinda KinderEgg surprise. Tài hǎo le! All contained in an earthenware hot pot.
Dee-lish ‘n new-trish
(as my sister would say ah wǒ de jiě jie)

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