Shílín 石林 – Stone Forest

Shílín 石林 Stone Forest is situated about 120km southeast of Kūnmíng in Yúnnán Province. 

I had the pleasure of spending the day there with three of my girly 同学们。

We hitched a taxi from our xuéxiào after a little banter and haggling with our shīfu.  All together there were 4 and I think this arrangement served us better than the “roughing” of the ‘oul public transport 公交车。

After an “interesting” taxi ride we arrived safe and sound with sighs of relief.  The hierarchy on the roads here is to be experienced.  Let me say I got the thrills of heart in mouth, sweaty palms, stomach flip flops and teeth clenching.

So Shílín, my thoughts…

Seemed too manicured for my liking and “set up” for the tourists.

Although we did it our own way and ventured off of the main tourist trail and found little hidden gems.

One cannot deny that the splashes of the different vibrant colours of the karst geological wonders, 林, 小草, 天 mixed in with the Sani clothing is magical.

In China terms quite expensive 200 RMB, 175 RMB entry, 25 RMB for the trolley wheels.  Money aside the day for me was priceless, I got to spend an adventure filled day with 3 of my girly 同学们.

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  1. statz101 says:

    Great Photos

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