View from a room – 我的房间在昆明

Some moments captured in camera…

Kūnmíng view captured in the evening

Fēicháng pretty

while “studying” at wǒ de xuéxiào à vous la this was the view from my room,

Me thinks I got the room with a view

Lucky me :0)

What's the story morning glory

What’s the story morning glory… ah Oasis!
view from wǒ de fángjiān zài wǒ de xuéxiào

don’t let your eyes deceive you… beautiful sight to behold I agree… 但是 Kūnmíng is in an evergrowing status of growth and development, which means…

wǒ de xuéxiào located right next to a building site for the metro ‘n due to the “big wigs”!work is 24/7, wouldn’t like to be on the night shift… although in saying that I do recall times where I was like “ah for god’s sake would you shut the f*** up seriously… shut the f*** up!!!”

there’s only so much ah calm chill the beans you can murmer to yourself before your true self comes out!

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