Nordica, Art Exhibition and a bit of Shakespeare – Kūnmíng

Nordica, bars and restaurants 附近

West of downtown Kūnmíng in a disused factory area, lies Nordica, 101 西八路。  For those in the arty mood you should check it out, some cool chilled out vibes here and in the surrounding courtyard area.  Feels somewhat like Templebar and not talking the 2am curry ‘n chips  more like the afternoon meanderings of art collections.

Nordica – Art Gallery/餐厅、咖啡、Playhouse

餐厅,咖啡,Art, Culture……..

Didn’t sample the cuisine in Nordica goes against my religion to eat Scandinavian when a bowl of 8 kuài niú ròu chǎo fàn, 餐馆 style is right around the corner, washed down with some 汤。

Art exhibition

Nordica gets thumbs up, first visit hěn yǒu qù art exhibition, last occassion was a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, directed by Andrew Miller.  Complete with wàiguórén 和 Zhōngguórén.  Really enjoyed it ‘n that’s coming from a complete non arty farty person. 

昆明 Community Theatre Company production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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1 Response to Nordica, Art Exhibition and a bit of Shakespeare – Kūnmíng

  1. andrea says:

    looks way cool…right up my ally….parden the pun..wish I could be there!

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