Rihanna – Umbrella

Kunming welcomes the rain

Smiles all round for the rain

Get your wellies out!!!

So I is in Zhōngguó lands so not entirely sure when festival fun Electric Picnic ‘n all those good vibes ‘n jazz starts.

All I know is that welly season has arrived.  And the Kūnmíngmites are most definitely not complaining.  In fact you could say it’s smiles all round.

Get your spanky wellies out boys 'n girls

It’s the welly season


Brollies for the rain woo hoo Kunming smiles

Nice change from the Irish “for f*ks sake is it still raining cats ‘n dogs” in saying that when it’s been raining 366 days a year……

On one such downbucket of shuǐ my ikkle pretty flipflops died, farewell flipflops from 爱尔兰 you served me well!!!  The journey home was continued barefoot in the rain, Chinese peasant style.


Walking barefoot peasant style in the rain… you gotta love it

If I knew how to download a tune it’d have to be

Rihanna, Umbrella

never tire of it and reminds me of fellow lover of jelly beans ‘n balloon popper

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1 Response to Rihanna – Umbrella

  1. andrea says:

    Those wellies look ace!!! Looove them! Jelly beans for life! There should be wellies with jellies on them..now that would be fab 🙂

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