Pán lóng Jiāng


Little sampler of night time strolls along Kūnmíng’s, “Pánlóng Jiāng” 盘龙江。Totally love the word 龙 = dragon,

盘龙江 Pánlóng Jiāng, Kūnmíng

so this river is uber cool in my books.  Tis the year of the dragon after all!

And on that note one can’t help to notice all the pregger bellies and new little Emperors making their entry, it’s all good 很好

Gotta do the night strolls ‘n so glad I do

The bro was born in the year of the 龙, so hey to 我的哥哥

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1 Response to Pán lóng Jiāng

  1. Stephen Treanor says:

    Looks amazing :0)

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