Can do Kundu

If you wanna get the glad rags on ‘n sampling Kunming’s night scene Kundu’s your place

Strolling around the venues one can see tis very flash the cash, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche and in between old style bicycle gotto love it fancy wheels indeed!

Night action sampled:

Babi nightclub, Kundu

Babi’s little poserish… dudes wearing sunglasses in the dark… that kinda thing, you get my jist!

Magnifico platters of tropical fruits… random to an Irish girl – seems to be the thing in China… not complaining loves fruit me.

Hěn duō gānbēi’s that night… if one asks for Vodka… they get Vodka!  No 啤酒 ’s for me.

Muse: Polizia, his bia-ches....... 'n balloons

Mixture of good cop gone bad….. daarty

Polizia zai Zhōngguó - Muse Nightclub

公安 putting on a little performance in Kundu nightclub district total randoms

Muse also kinda posery joint 但是 nice vibes, balloons thumbling, random acts involving police =  very hěn yǒu qù.

Me and my balloon

Jeremiah, wǒ de balloon, wǒ ‘n a randomer

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