Green Lake, Kunming

All about the red hat

So I’ve moved residence to Green Lake, tis the place to be, instead of honking, drilling and banging (constant not pleasant)

过桥 (不米线)

过桥 (不米线)
noodles on the brain
nopes it’s the man with the red hat again!

xiànzài it’s waking up to the sound of chirpy birds and all the music that comes with cuì hú

back into my running/taking pics must say nice experiences to be had, always something to be seen that’s hěn yǒu qù.

Here’s a little snapshot of one such journey.

So blooming 非常漂亮

Green Lake “翠湖”

All about 翠湖

Went for my morning jog and came across this lovely surprise

Lovin the huā action.  Wǒ hé de lǎoshī shuō. Tā shuō one can eat the seed of the lotus flower “荷花”, it’s seed is called lián zi “链子’ and so the story goes… love leads to 结婚礼 jiéhūnlǐ  “the wedding ceremony” at which lián zi 链子 are offered.  Seeds… fertility… baby making ‘n that sorta thing… you get me jist!  Childers “háizi 孩子”.  not sure what the story is if the elderly get married doubt they’d be wanting in on the baby action… ummm tài yǒu qù le.

  • The wooden area’s where the zen people do their morning exercise rituals… always a sight to behold… and of course for the rosemantic action

    I is not the only one getting in on the camera action…. those is some big lenses! Tài dà le.

  • Get your cameras out boys!

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