So I’m a jiě jie and an addiction

Ummmmm so I’ve been here like three months, made some lovely Zhōngguó péngyou.  In saying all this I’ve never before been called a big sis “jiě jie” and now have lots of little mèimei’s who I must add are all fēicháng piàoliang.  One of my little mèimei’s is called Candy, she loves loves shopping… always an interesting experience with her, she’s so petite and even though I’m not a fatty…. standing beside her makes me feel like a heifer… yeaps Zhōngguó rén are very nice at letting you know perhaps you should lay off the yummy bīngqílín with a friendly pat of the belly.  Oh bīngqílín wǒ ài nǐ.

Oops just remembered can’t say I love icecream, one cannot love 东西 only 人们! Yeaps it’s a 中国 fact! 所以 我 must rephrase so。。。 我真的喜欢吃 bīngqílín soft like miánhuā, melt in your mouth and all that other good stuff ;0)

DairyQueen sorry wo de 美国朋友 is now a no go area for moi.   Well unless I want a complete sugar buzz don’t want to hatch my chickens.

Balls now have bīngqílín on the nǎozi.  Yes

xiǎo wonders of bīngqílín

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