Entering Zhōngguó 滴一次

ummmm yes was a ikkle nervous ummm well bit more than an ikkle

more like heart in mouth

trying to play it all yeahhh wha… evers…. tis all cool in the gang… no worries

for some reason ended up being the very last (of course) to present my case to the immigration inspection officers

always feel like a criminal in these situations (certain experiences of the Bermuda 飞机场 guantlet has assisted with these “mild” premonitions of being hauled away with handcuffs and not at all in the good sense of the word).

After my interrogation well not quite was more like a friendly chat where one person was doing all the talking and the other nodding and smiling.  I think he found it slightly amusing that I was studying 汉语 me looking Chinese ‘n all that so after plenty of nods, smiles, 是的’s, 好的’s and 谢谢’s I was given the universal nod.

Thank flying fff’s

‘n on the other side waiting for me was my lovely lǎoshī.  I asked her about it recently and she thought something had happened to me… nopes just me being me.

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